Terms, conditions and mode of operation

To make a purchase through Shop-2-Save-the-Planet you will leave the website of Shop-2-Save-the-Planet and enter the website of the organisation from which you may purchase goods – a “third-party”.

Any purchase you make will be subject to this third party's terms and conditions. Any personal data you give to this third-party will be held on the term of that third-party’s data protection policy.

Please note that by making a purchase though this third party, you agree that this third-party may pass us the information about your purchase which you provided to that third-party as part of the purchase process. We will hold and use any such information received in accordance with our own Privacy Policy. You can make choices about how your data is dealt with by us by visiting the Your Account section of shop2savetheplanet.co.uk.

Batan carbon offsets and Loyalty points are awarded by Shop-2-Save-the-Planet based on purchase reports the retailer sends to us. If you believe points have been incorrectly awarded to your account, or if you believe you are due Points which have not been issued, contact us on [ ] with details of the purchase, ideally with a copy of your invoice. We will investigate by contacting the retailer. Retailers may only keep transactional information for a short period, say up to 6 months. We can only investigate and correct errors for the period the retailer keeps transactional information, and up to a maximum period of six months from the purchase date. Carbon offsets and Loyalty points cannot be earned on postage, courier or packing charges.

Products may change from time to time. Special offers are available for a limited period and may be subject to availability. Visit the retailer’s website through Shop-2-Save-the-Planet for the latest prices and availability. Points will be awarded on the price actually paid for a purchase.

Information about the rates of award of carbon offsets and Loyalty points are correct at time of publishing but subject to change without notice.

Cookies When you shop through Shop-2-Save-the-Planet, a persistent cookie is placed on your computer by the companies from whom you buy. This enables Shop-2-Save-the-Planet to track any purchases you make with our participating retailers and award points accordingly. If you wish to be awarded carbon offsets and Loyalty points please ensure that persistent cookies are enabled on your computer.

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