Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn’t we consume less to lower our carbon footprint?

Of course! We don’t want you to buy things you wouldn’t otherwise buy! However, if you choose to purchase items through Shop2SavethePlanet, you can relax knowing that you are one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint.

What are carbon credits?

It’s widely accepted that we are emitting too much greenhouse gas, mostly by burning fossil fuels to make electricity and to power transportation. Most scientists believe these excessive greenhouse gases (mostly CO2) cause global warming and climate change. To try to solve this problem, governments around the world have initiated emissions trading systems which force industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Individuals can help by acquiring carbon credits from these markets and retiring them or cancelling them. Batan does this for you. Guided by an expert advisory board, each Batan represents a tonne of emissions credits which we purchase and retire or cancel. See

Why get Batan?

By collecting Batan, you are actively supporting the most established emissions reductions programs around the globe.

How can I collect loyalty points and Batan?

You can collect loyalty points and Batan from our wide range of retail partners. You can find all of our partners on the main menu.

What are the collect rate?

You collect one kilo of carbon credits and one loyalty point for every £1 you spend. You must purchase all goods via and Shop2SavethePlanet must receive confirmation of your purchase before you can receive your points and Batans - this could take up to 65 days.

If you have purchased through Shop2SavethePlanet and subsequently returned your online order, you will not receive any points or Batan.

You must go to each retailer via Shop2SavethePlanet for your order to be tracked.

It may take up to 65 days for your points and Batans to show in your account after your order has been dispatched. All of your Batans will show as pending within 48 hours of placing your order.

How do I collect Points and Batan?

Click on the retailer logo and you’ll be taken directly to their website. You receive points and Batans when you place your order, and your Shop2SavethePlanet account will show that the transaction has been authorised by the retailer. This can take up to 65 days. To check if your order has been successfully tracked, you can view your transaction in transactions pending within 48 hours of making your purchase.

Please note that to receive Batans and loyalty points for your online purchases, you must open the retailer website via Shop2SavethePlanet – otherwise the retailer won’t know you’re a Shop2SavethePlanet customer.

How will the Shop2SavethePlanet retailer know I am a Shop2SavethePlanet customer?

When you visit a retailer website via the Shop2SaveThePlanet website, a unique number is conveyed to the retailer to track your purchase. Once your online purchase has gone through, the retailer will send us a confirmation of your successful purchase, the amount and your Shop2SaveThePlanet customer number. We then add the transaction to your Shop2SaveThePlanet account.

Can I shop with Shop2SavethePlanet and have my goods delivered overseas?

The delivery of goods outside the UK will be determined by the standard delivery guidelines of the retailer. Please refer to their individual delivery policy.

How can I pay when I shop with Shop2SavethePlanet?

You will checkout directly with the retailer and can make a payment with any of the payment methods the retailer accepts (for example debit, credit or pre-paid cards).

Do loyalty points and Batan expire?

No, every Batan issued will benefit the environment. For unredeemed loyalty points, we will contact you after two years. If we are unable to reach you, we will donate the loyalty points to charities or environmental projects.

Why try to stop Climate Change and Global Warming?

It's widely accepted by governments and scientists that climate change is affecting our environment for the worse, and is at the source of extreme weather events, flooding and droughts. It's also becoming clear that it is the likely cause of species extinctions, and could eventually threaten our food supplies. Some observers believe that climate change will lead to increased human migration and conflicts over resources.

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