Banking & Finance14 Brands
Beauty & Health41 Brands
Books & Magazines11 Brands
Charity & Green7 Brands
Children13 Brands
Computers43 Brands
Dating9 Brands
Energy3 Brands
Fashion & Clothing70 Brands
Food & Drink18 Brands
Gadgets9 Brands
Gifts & Flowers30 Brands
Hobbies40 Brands
Holidays22 Brands
Home & Garden39 Brands
Insurance17 Brands
Luxury12 Brands
Office23 Brands
Pets6 Brands
Phone & Broadband15 Brands
Recruitment3 Brands
Sports & Outdoor21 Brands
Transport & Travel33 Brands

How it works

Collect points online

Click on Collect points and we’ll direct you to the retailer's website where you’ll earn points on your purchases. Once you’ve successfully made your transaction, it will appear in your Shop 2 Save the Planet account in Transactions Pending.

Your Point Value

1 S2STP point for every £1 you spend

1 KG of Digital Carbon Credit for every £ you spend

Arrival in your Account

It may take up to 65 days for your points to show in your account after your order’s been despatched. Points will show as a pending transaction within 24 hours of placing your order.

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