About Shop 2 Save the Planet?

Shop2savetheplanet is a free to join and easy to use environmental loyalty programme with no minimum spend. Shop through us and make a stand against climate change. Shop online and you can relax knowing that you are closer to offsetting your carbon footprint. You can even purchase plane tickets for all your family and rest assured that you are not contributing to the environmental butterfly effect and future catastrophes.

Shop2savetheplanet enables you to redeem your consumer habits and turn them into positive contributions to help save the planet. Instead of just giving you points to spend with us, we are offering you something a lot more valuable; the opportunity to offset your and your relatives' carbon footprint, in the form of batans.

Every time you shop with us you are reducing your footprint. The average UK person’s yearly carbon footprint is estimated at 10 tonnes. How to offset your 10 tonnes carbon footprint? Why not offset your carbon and greenhouse gases emissions free when shopping through us?

We welcome everyone, retailers and customers alike, who wants to actively participate in finding solutions and taking action against climate change.

Want to get involved? If you are a brand, join our base of retailers and give your customers a chance to save the planet. If you are a customer, shop through us and together let's give back to nature. Don’t wait to become carbon neutral! It starts HERE.

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